Jerry Waese is an independent computer systems analyst custom software developer and creative thinker based in Toronto, Canada.
With over two decades of software expertise Waese has worked with a diverse roster of clients in a wide range of industries from construction to television broadcasting; from medical imaging to food services; from banking to military; and from travel to manufacturing.
Waese started his career tinkering with graphic software built from scratch and was immediately scooped up by Batteries Included and flown to the Comdex show in Nevada. Soon after, Sony Japan and Passetta Productions selected his animation software for their Catch Phrase TV Game Show.
The rest is a history of clients being treated to a series of solutions which Waese designed and wrote on a variety of platforms from mainframe to mobile, and in languages from assembler to HTML5.
My most recent clients are especially interested in multiplatform mobile development (especially using IBM Worklight) and Accessibility solutions for public facing web sites and apps.


Let's work together to design and build your project for desktop, web, mobile, or social media. For these projects we apply architectural principles and a full range of software development techniques from simple to sublime.

If you want to integrate new features into existing software assets, we thoroughly investigate the technologies and provide firm estimates. Rolling out new versions without surprises for existing users is both a talent and an engineering art.

Often you hear the phrase "it's not rocket science", however, several times we have confronted very extreme situations. I have actually heard some people equate my work with that of aviation engineers, or with McGyvver the TV hero who saves the whole town with a well placed piece of wire.

Some software projects address UX, mobile features, transaction security, scaling of applications, and new technologies that have not been combined before. We are accustomed to projects that engage the fluid landscape in which a series of unproven possibilities have to be explored and mastered without breaking the mould.


ABC TV; Atomic Energy Canada; Avcor; Bananazz Corporation (Molsons); Bank of America; Bank of Greece; Bank of Montreal; Bank of Scotland; Batteries Included; Beck's Beer; Bugz Software Inc; Cabletest; Cadsoft; Cail Systems Ltd; Calgary University; Cambium Productions; Canarie; Caught In The Web; CBC; CHCH; Chef's Hall of Fame; Cineplex; City TV; Clements Leiper; Compaq; CP Rail; Dupont Strip BIA; Echostar; Global Payments; Greyhound; HAYS; Hewlett Packard; Kolvox Communications; KPMG; IBM Canada; IBM USA; IDF - IAF; IMMAD-Azcar; J.P.Morgan Chase; Learning Edge (Hockey Hall of Fame); Leumi Bank; Made In Canada; Manulife Financial; National Film Board; Neon Crunch; Pasetta Productions (Merv Griffith Studios); Press Club; Quasi Modo Modern Furniture; Rabo Bank; R.A.D; REO; rent-a-son; Sharp Electronics; Softsmile; Sony Corp; T4G; Tricept; Trinity Bellwoods BIA; TVO; University of Tokyo; University of Toronto; Werkerlaw; YTV


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