Jerry Waese is an artist and creative thinker based in Toronto, Canada.
Over the last several decades Waese has produced electronic and traditional art for a variety of venues and applications. Waese started his career tinkering with graphic software built from scratch. Soon after, Sony Japan and Passetta Productions selected his animation software for their Catch Phrase TV Game Show.
The rest is a checkered history of computer and acrylic finally leading up to crayon art which was his original favorite since his early days in the fifties.

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This is a link to a thread featuring a few photos and hundreds of drawings and paintings of me - part of the Julia Kay Portrait Party group (artists drawing portraits of other artists), which I participate in wholeheartedly.



Portrait Party People
Portrait Party People
A year of participation By Jerry Waese Book Preview

Transit Drawings Book

Live Drawing Sessions
12 inch by 12 inch coffee table book

I have an ongoing show at R.A.D. on dundas street west - drop by on the weekend between noon and three.

A little show we had at R.A.D. on Dundas Street West.



ABC TV; Atomic Energy Canada; Avcor; Bananazz Corporation (Molsons); Bank of America; Bank of Greece; Bank of Scotland; Batteries Included; Beck's Beer; Bugz Software Inc; Cabletest; Cadsoft; Cail Systems Ltd; Calgary University; Cambium Productions; Canarie; Caught In The Web; CBC; CHCH; Chef's Hall of Fame; Cineplex; City TV; Clements Leiper; Compaq; CP Rail; Dupont Strip BIA; Echostar; Global Payments; Greyhound; HAYS; Hewlett Packard; Kolvox Communications; IDF - IAF; IMMAD-Azcar; Learning Edge (Hockey Hall of Fame); Leumi Bank; Made In Canada; National Film Board; Neon Crunch; Pasetta Productions (Merv Griffith Studios); Press Club; Quasi Modo Modern Furniture; Rabo Bank; R.A.D; REO; rent-a-son; Sharp Electronics; Softsmile; Sony Corp; T4G; Tricept; Trinity Bellwoods BIA; TVO; University of Tokyo; University of Toronto; Werkerlaw; YTV; And many more private collectors and appreciators of my work.